How to choose a Compressor nebulizer

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The development of Compressor nebulizer:

With the intensification of air pollution such as smog and the weakened immunity of children and the elderly, more and more people are suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma and pneumonia. With the widespread use of medical nebulizers, due to its many advantages over traditional drug treatment, people gradually recognize and accept nebulizer inhalation therapy, and try to nebulize from queuing in hospitals to purchasing household nebulizers by themselves. A nebulizer for high-quality treatments that can be easily nebulized at home. Whether it is a medical nebulizer or a household nebulizer that is gradually becoming popular, there are many brands on the market, which are a bit dazzling. So which atomizer brand is more professional, reliable and cost-effective, and how to choose a good home atomizer, many people do not understand. What are the requirements for a good home atomizer?

Compressor nebulizer introduction:

Here is a recommended atomizer suitable for household DC compressors. It is manufactured by Shenzhen Fitconn Technology a comprehensive enterprise dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of household medical products. The business covers more than 150 countries around the world, and the average annual service volume is more than 2,000,000 households. The atomized particles of this Compressor nebulizer are small, and the atomized particles less than 5um account for more than 50%. The larger the ratio, the better the drug absorption effect. The better the performance of the device, the higher the price in the future! Especially children have higher requirements for atomized particles. This Compressor nebulizer is not only suitable for children, but also looks very good. Generally, the noise of Compressor nebulizers with poor performance can reach 80 decibels, and the noise of good quality Compressor nebulizers is generally lower than 65 decibels. The decibel of this Compressor nebulizer is less than 65 decibels. Portability, the home atomizer is used by individuals or families alone, it is developed to meet the needs of use at any time, so if the portability is good, the user can also carry it with him when he goes out. Safety, overvoltage protection, temperature control protection, leakage current detection, high voltage resistance detection, etc. are essential to ensure the safety and convenience of users. The particles cover the entire respiratory tract, meet the atomization particle size required by different liquid medicines and diseases, and directly reach the affected area. The mask is made of liquid silicone material, which is durable and environmentally friendly. The amount of mist can be adjusted according to the user's situation by rotating the lid of the atomizing medicine cup. A variety of breathing methods are available to meet different atomization needs.

The use of Compressor nebulizer:

1. Connect the atomizer and the power adapter

2. Insert the plug of the power adapter into the power outlet

2. Too little liquid medicine - the liquid medicine cannot be sucked up, nor can it be atomized. Too much liquid medicine - part of the liquid medicine to be atomized will be covered by the liquid medicine and cannot be atomized. So the medicine is appropriate.

3. Connect the nebulizer cup to the nebulizer mask and the oxygen delivery tubing to the nebulizer cup.

4. Turn on the atomizer switch to use the atomizer for atomization.

5. Disinfect the atomizer in time after using the atomizer, and place the disinfected atomizer in a dry environment.

Advantages of Compressor nebulizers:

Between compressor nebulizers and ultrasonic nebulizers, I personally think compressor nebulizers have a longer lifespan, are easier to maintain, and are relatively simple to operate than ultrasonic nebulizers. In fact, experts also gave some suggestions for purchasing atomizer brands. From the user's point of view: simple operation and portability are also important indicators for measuring Compressor nebulizer, while Omron compressed Compressor nebulizer are designed with one-button operation, which is easy to use even for children.  And its small size makes it perfect for going out. The CNB69012 compression nebulizer is also specially equipped with a charger and rechargeable battery, as well as a carrying case. Take it with you when you go out to play or travel, and realize inhalation therapy anytime, anywhere. It is the only brand product of household atomizer. You can choose with confidence.